Some of the participants from NUAA’s Inaugural Peers and Consumers Forum in 2018.

Welcome to NUAA

The NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA)’s vision statement is: “Advancing the rights, health and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly in NSW”. Our organisation is governed, staffed and led by people with lived experience of drug use. We provide innovative harm reduction services for people in NSW who use drugs, as well as for those that advocate for improved service delivery and a more rational approach to drug use.

NUAA runs a needle and syringe program at 345 Crown Street, Surry Hills. and is now open Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:30pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm Check out the full list of available equipment — provided free of charge. You can also see the full list of NSPs around the state via the NSW Health website or check out AIVL’s Australia-wide directory (please note these directories may not be up to date, if you notice any errors, please contact them to let them know).

The NSP is also home to a Open Clinic on Crown, a nurse-led primary health care clinic that is a collaboration of NUAA and the Kirketon Road Centre. It is open on Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11.30-3.30 and Thursdays 1.30-5.30pm.

For NUAA-organised events and events of interest to our community, please check out our calendar.

Methadone changes — call for feedback

Earlier this year, Aspen, the maker of the methadone syrup in Australia, changed the recipe for the product. It said this was a change in the dye, which changed its colour. In response to several complaints that the new recipe is having other side effects, such as not being as effective for as long, we are asking for feedback from anyone who is prescribed the methadone syrup to find out whether these concerns are shared by others. If you have any feedback on the new methadone syrup recipe, please fill in this form or call NUAA on 8354 7300 to let us know. You can also call  the Therapeutic Goods Association, Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods, to report any problems you are experience on (free call) 1800 809 361 (08:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday).

TEMPO hep C study

Are you over 18, injected drugs in the last month but never had a hep C treatment? NUAA and KRC are working with UNSW to trial point of care testing and treatment for hep C. It takes about 1 hour and in that time, you can have a finger prick test, Fibroscan and receive your results and, if you test positive, begin hep C treatment immediately.

If you would like to find out more about the TEMPO study and whether you fit the criteria, you can speak to NUAA’s NSP and Primary Care Health Clinic (HCV) peer support worker Tony or any of our NSP staff, either in person at the NSP on 345 Crown Street Surry Hills, or by calling the NSP on 8354 7343. As this is a UNSW study, participants will be reimbursed for participating in TEMPO.

On Mandatory Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients Proposal

The Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL), of which NUAA is a member, has expressed frustration at the revival of Australian Government plans to impose drug testing on welfare recipients. You can read the AIVL statement here.

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