Welcome to NUAA

The NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) is governed, staffed and led by people with lived experience of drug use. We provide innovative harm reduction services for people in NSW who use drugs, as well as for those that advocate for improved service delivery and a more rational approach to drug use.

NUAA runs a needle and syringe program at 345 Crown Street, Surry Hills. and is open every week day 8am-8pm. Check out the full list of available equipment. The NSP is also now home to a Open Clinic on Crown, a nurse-led primary health care clinic that is a collaboration of NUAA and the Kirketon Road Centre. It runs Monday to Friday 11:30-3:30 as a contribution to providing affordable, accessible and equitable health care to all parts of our community. You can also see the full list of NSPs around the state via the NSW Health website or check out an Australia-wide directory.

My Health Record — NUAA’s Stance

My Health Record is a new initiative by the federal government to create an online summary of your health data. A range of groups and experts have raised serious concerns about privacy and security of the data. Everyone will get the chance to opt-out until January 31 (extended amid community concerns). You can opt out here. At this stage, NUAA recommends if you have concerns, to opt out. More more details, please read NUAA’s full statement and read a collection of more statements and articles.

Click here to check out NUAA overdose resources