NUAA also offers a wide range of harm reduction training workshops for organisations and services who work with people who use illicit drugs, as well as resources to assist in advancing the rights, health & dignity of people who use drugs illicitly.

If you have specialised learning needs, talk to NUAA to see how we can customise our training to meet your needs. If you want to know more, contact us through our online form – click here.

Consumer Academy

Are you interested in being a health consumer representative? The NUAA-Went West PHN Consumer Academy will help you become a consumer participant in Alcohol and Drug Services in your local area! The Consumer Academy will run over 4 days and provide you with the skills and knowledge to be as a consumer worker/volunteer.  See here for more information, or contact Melanie on (02) 8354 7300 or email or check out 

Stigma & Discrimination Training

Research has shown that a major threat to the health and human rights of people who use drugs is stigma and discrimination. Experiencing discriminatory behaviour often leads to deference or avoidance of services. The result is decreased access to services by people who use illicit drugs. Service users are not the only ones who benefit when stigma and discrimination are challenged; staff also benefit.

This training will help your service develop work practices that will lead to greater trust and improved relationships not only between staff and service users, but also between staff. Increased trust will lead to improved access and positive health-related outcomes.

More resources:
Stigma & Discrimination Training (pdf)
Reporting stigma & discrimination (pdf)
AIVL: Anti-Discrimination Market Research Report
AIVL: IDU Stigma Discrimination Report Nov 2011

Passport to Harm Reduction Training

Grab your passport and join NUAA staff as we jet set across the globe. If you work with people who inject drugs, then this training is for you. Training is delivered by NUAA staff with lived experience. At each border crossing, you will have an insight into harm reduction on a variety of topics, including safer using and vein care; reducing the spread of blood-borne viruses; methamphetamine and the ice epidemic; fentanyl and opioid overdose, to name a few.

This training will help you and your staff talk to your service users about harm reduction in a way that is relevant to them. If you want to know more, contact us through our online form – click here.

Book Training

To book training, please contact us through our online form – click here.

Request a Speaker

NUAA CEO Dr Mary Ellen Harrod has an extensive background in public health and clinical research. Since joining NUAA, her focus has been on strengthening the organisation so it is better placed to support both individuals and the broader community of people who use illicit drugs to access health care free from stigma and discrimination, and to advocate for effective systems change that supports the health and human rights of people who use drugs. If you would like to book Dr Harrod, please contact NUAA on (02) 8354 7300 or contact us through our online form – click here.

NUAA also has a range of standard presentations on a range of harm reduction topics and we may be able to tailor a workshop or presentation for your needs. For more information about booking a speaker contact us through our online form – click here.

For Our Members

NUAA provides a range of Peer Education and Community Engagement workshops. For more information about workshop and training available for community members go to the Community Engagement page.

See also:

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