Insider’s News

NUAA has a long history of producing harm reduction publications with the first issue of NUAA News published in 1991. The aim of NUAA News was to produce a publication that wouldpass on harm reduction information and let readers know they are not alone. In 1998, NUAA News became User’s News and it is still going strong.

The success of User’s News has led to NUAA’s latest publication Insider’s News, with the first copy launched in December 2016. Insider’s News is a harm reduction resource that is solely distributed through NSW correctional centres. The aim is to both pass on harm reduction messages and give a voice to our members who are currently incarcerated.

NUAA encourages community members to submit stories, poems, drawings, or suggest article ideas. The content aims to listen to and address issues of concern to people who use illicit drugs in NSW.

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