Privacy Policy


NUAA is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our members’ staff and volunteers. In adopting best practice privacy principles, NUAA ensures that the personal information it collects meets the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection (PPIP) Act 1998.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the privacy of those individuals and partner organisations about whom NUAA collects and/or holds information. The policy outlines the guidelines which must be observed when collecting, storing and using personal and confidential information.

Protecting your privacy

Amendments to the Privacy Act require NUAA to ensure the privacy of personal information NUAA collects and stores on members, volunteers, staff, and organisations that NUAA works in partnership with. NUAA is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of the personal information we collect. When NUAA collect’s personal information, NUAA aims to ensure that individuals are informed why we collect this information and how NUAA intends to use it. All NUAA staff and volunteers sign confidentiality agreements in accordance with our policy.

What is personal information?

Under the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection (PPIP) Act (1998) personal information is defined as: “any information or opinion about an individual or which is reasonably capable of identifying an individual”.

Why does NUAA collect my personal information?

NUAA only collects personal information of Members, Volunteers and Staff as outlined in our Constitution. Personal information can only be collected directly from the person no one can supply personal information on someone else’s behalf. When you are asked to supply personal information you will be told why NUAA collects the information, how NUAA uses the information and where it is stored, who will have access to it and what it will be used for. Members are encouraged to update their information at any time or annually when Memberships are renewed.

Is my personal information stored safely?

NUAA takes all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information that it collects from Staff, Volunteers, and Members is stored securely. NUAA uses up-to-date work procedures to ensure NUAA meets all its professional and ethical codes and standards to ensure that an individual’s personal information is kept secure and confidential at all times.

Access to this personal information is restricted to NUAA staff that require access to this information to perform their jobs. NUAA will not disclose personal information to any other service or organisation about Members, Volunteers or Staff without their permission, unless the law says we have to.
Can you access your personal information?

NUAA Staff, Members, and Volunteers have the right to request to see what personal information NUAA has on file. All requests to see information collected by NUAA must be made in writing. NUAA will provide an opportunity for individuals to see their personal information within 14 days. NUAA provides opportunities for Staff, Members and Volunteers to make changes to their personal details which must be done in writing by the individual requesting the change this cannot be done on someone’s behalf.
Volunteers and Members also have the right to withdraw their personal information from NUAA mailing lists including service updates, subscriptions and Membership. All requests to be removed must be in writing.

How can I access or make changes to my personal information?

NUAA will take all reasonable steps to ensure the information collected is accurate and up to date. NUAA encourages Staff, Volunteers and Members to update their information on a regular basis. If you wish to update your information contact NUAA on

Changes to this Privacy Policy

NUAA reserves the right to review and update our Privacy Policy. Revised versions will be posted on our website.

Communications Officer

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, want a copy of this Privacy Policy, or wish to request access or update or correct your personal information, as a matter of good practice, NUAA has designated Communication Officer to whom members, staff and volunteer or members of the public can direct any queries or complaints to in the first instance. You can contact Communications Officer on