Policy & Research

The aim of the NUAA’s work is to reduce the transmission of blood-viruses by increasing the knowledge and health literacy of drug users. This includes increasing the participation of drug users in their local Needle and Syringe Programs, increasing participation of drug users in NUAA and User’s News and Insider’s News magazines. NUAA’s aim is to identify and document  existing barriers to safer using and challenge these through policy and research programs.

As an organisation of people who use drugs, NUAA, has an important role to play in advocating for the rights, health and well-being of all drug users. Through policy research, NUAA can ensure the voice of drug users is heard by government and other organisations.

To read more about NUAA’s research projects or Drug Users Organisation’s Research, or policy and research related to NUAA’s work, follow the links below.

Policy and Position Papers

Deregulation of Needle and Syringe Provision – NUAA discussion document (pdf)

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NUAA Ethics Document (pdf)

WHO Global policy report on the prevention and control of viral hepatitis

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Transitioning to Injecting (pdf)

AIVL National NSP Consultation Forum – Research Briefing for Participants (pdf)

Drug User Organisations in Australia and overseas

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