NSP Equipment Available

NUAA’s Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) is open 8am-10pm Mondays and Fridays, and carries a range of sterile equipment and safe sex supplies. There is also a machine outside the front to help you access equipment outside of these hours which dispenses 3x1ml Syringes, water, cotton, spoon, and swabs. It costs $2.

Below is a list of sterile equipment supplied. Our NSP is staffed by peers — people with lived experience of injecting drug use, so they are knowledgeable and non-judgemental. Speak to NSP staff if you have any questions about equipment carried by NUAA. All equipment is supplied free of charge. We can also mail equipment out on a cost recovery basis if you are unable to get to an NSP.  If you have any questions, or for mail orders, please call the NSP on (02) 8354 7343, free call 1800 644 413, or email lucyp@nuaa.org.au.

Pre-made fit packs include

  • 1s, 5s, 10s all pre-made packs in which ever brand we stock of your choice include spoons, water, cotton balls and swabs. Brand of syringes available include 0.5ml Terumo 27G & 29G; 1ml Terumo 27G & 29G; 1ml BD’s 27g and ultra fine 29G; 1ml M-devices. Unisharps 27G & 29G in range of colours.
  • Box of 100s


  • 18G x 1 ½ ″ (pink)
  • Blunts (drawing up)
  • 21G x 1 ½ ″ (green)
  • 23G x 1 ¼ ″ (blue)
  • 25G x1″ (orange – long)
  • 25G x 5/8 ″ (orange – short)
  • 26G x ½ ″ (brown)
  • 27G x ½ ″ (grey)
  • 30G x ½ ″ (yellow)
  • unisharp 29G 1ml syringes


  • 1ml, 3ml, 5ml
  • Luer-lock or slip-on


  • Wheel Filters Red (Particle 1.2 microns)
  • Wheel Filters Blue (Bacterial 0.22 microns)
  • Sterifilts
  • Stericups

Auxiliary equipment

  • Sterile Water (10ml or 2ml)
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Plastic Mixing Spoons
  • Yellow Returns Bin (small –1.4L, medium — 3L, large — 8L and extra large — 12L)

Safer sex supplies

  • Condoms (all sizes!)
  • Sachet lubricant
  • Gloves (all sizes)