Viral Hepatitis, HIV & Sexual Health

Let’s keep talking about it

While we may think in Australia, we have dodged a bullet and that HIV transmission is something that injecting drug users don’t need to think about. We have to remember that HIV transmission, even though it is relatively low among injecting drug users, is nonetheless increasing among some populations of injecting drug users. The numbers of people who have caught HIV due to injecting drug use has risen over the past few years.

So be blood aware and re-examine how you use. Being blood aware we can all help to prevent the spread of HIV and Viral Hepatitis.

The Deadly Liver Mob Project

The Deadly Liver Mob Project (DLM) is an initiative of the Western Sydney Local Health District harm reduction team and is run out of the South Court NSP in Kingswood in Western Sydney. The project’s aim is to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to engage with Hep C testing and treatment. The DLM incorporates a peer-driven intervention with incentives to encourage BBV education, with rewards of $20 Coles voucher for taking part in hep C education or a $10 Coles voucher for hep C screening. To get involved, you can contact NUAA’s Aboriginal Peer Educator Jade Christian at South Court on (02) 4734 3996 or at To find out more about DLM check out the Australian Indigenous Health Net website.

More information on HIV and Viral Hepatitis

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