Safer Using for Harm Reduction

NUAA aims are shaped by harm reduction principals. Harm reduction focuses on reducing the risks and potential health hazards associated with unsafe drug use. NUAA uses health promotion as a way of educating and enabling people to increase control over and improve their health as a means of achieving harm reduction. Harm reduction has proven to lower the risks of HIV and hepatitis C and other blood borne virus transmission among people who use illicit drugs.

NUAA has created a range of resources and videos around safer using.

Check out NUAA’s four videos below that focus on safer using, with clear and accurate peer advice on using alcohol swabs to reduce bacteria; using tourniquets for making veins easier to find; making locations safer for when you may need to use in a public or unfamiliar space; and reducing the risk of transmission of blood borne viruses and bacteria.



Tourniquet techniques for safer using: 


Making locations safer:


Transmission risk:


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User’s News resources:

Check out the useful safer using resources from the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVIL) 

Pharmaceutical drug misuse issues

Reducing harm from pharmacetutical misuse (pdf)

Emerging psychoactive substances fact sheet (pdf)

Synthetic drugs facts (pdf)

Synthetic drugs FAQ (pdf)

NUAA’s needle & syringe program

Needle & Syringe Program equipment available