Treatment options for young people

What kinds of alcohol and other drug treatments are available in Australia for young people? 

In Australia there are a range of Drug treatment options available and most follow Australia’s harm minimisation approach. This means that they work to reduce the harms caused by Alcohol and other Drugs.

You can find a range of information regarding the different types of treatment available on the NUAA website but if you are looking for Services specifically aimed at young people below is a list of youth specific services. These include:

Reach Out

Reach is site run by young people for young people that covers a range of topics from well being, bullying, suicide prevention, mental health and alcohol and other drugs. Reach out website has a range of information sheets, videos, forums etc on the issues listed plus more. If you want to know more check out their website.

Kids Help Line

Kids Help Line is a telephone, web and email counselling service  available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to children and young people aged 5–25. If you want to know more check out their website. Or ring 1800 55 1800


Headspace provides information and counselling services on mental health, but also issues such as alcohol and other drug use, physical health, sexual health and problems with education and employment. It’s for young people aged 12–25-year-olds and has centres all around Australia. To find a centre close to you check out their website.


eheadspace is a confidential  space where young people aged between 12 – 25 or their family can chat, by email or phone with a qualified youth mental health worker. You can either email or ring eheadspace on 1800 650 890 if you need advice, or are worried about your mental health or feeling isolated and alone.

eheadspace website has a range of resources that can also help you a range of issues you might be facing from  bullying, drug and alcohol issues, depression and anxiety, relationships, and concerns about your family and friends. eheadspace also has workers who can provide specialist support to parents and carers who are worried about a young person 12 - 25. eheadspace is part of Headspace.