Complaints about Legal Aid

Can I complain about Legal Aid?

Yes, you can put a complaint in to Legal Aid if you are not happy with the representation or you have been refused representation.

Can I appeal if my request for Legal Aid was refused?

If you receive a letter stating why representation has been refused you can ask for an appeal to Legal Aid Review Committee. The Legal Aid website can provide you with information on how to submit an appeal, how long you have to submit your appeal, how long the appeal process takes and what to do if you have court date looming.

I want to change lawyers

The Legal Aid website has information about how to lodge a complaint if you are not happy with the lawyer representing you or the independent lawyer representing your child. Legal Aid will only change lawyers   in exceptional circumstances you can find how to make a complaint and to request a change in lawyer on their website.

I need help writing a my complaint

Legal Aid staff not involved in your complaint can assist you to put your complaint in writing. They will explain the process and how long the process will take and when you can expect to hear back from Legal Aid.

Can I take my complaint further?

If you are not satisfied with how the matter has been dealt with by Legal Aid you can make a complaint to NSW Ombudsman on 9286 1000 or 1800 451 524. If your complaint is about a lawye,r then you can put a complaint into Office of the Legal Services Commissioner​ (OLSC). You can ring Office of Legal Services Commissioner on 9377 1800 or free call 1800 424 for information and advice on how to make a complaint about your lawyer.

For more information

Office of Legal Service Commissioner

Law Society of NSW

NSW Bar Association

NSW Ombudsman