Comments or Complaints About Your Local Health District

What is a Local Health district?

The role of the Local Health District, LHD, is to facilitate the conduct and services of public hospitals and public health institutions that provide health services for residents of set geographical boundaries in which the districts are situated.

In NSW there are eight local health districts that cover the Sydney metropolitan region, and seven that cover rural and regional NSW.

In addition, two specialist networks focus on children’s and paediatric services, and justice health and forensic mental health cover health services in correctional settings.

A third network operates across all the public health services provided by St Vincent’s Hospital, the Sacred Heart Hospice at Darlinghurst and St Joseph’s at Auburn.

Can I comment or complain about a Public Health Service?

As a health consumer you have the right to comment or complain about the service you receive when accessing health services within the local health district you live in.

To complain or comment about a community or non hospital-based service if you are not satisfied with the service you received you can put your concern in writing to the Director of Clinical Governance of your Local Health District. To find which LHD the service you want to complain is in check out the map of all LHDs here. If you are not happy with the outcome you can then escalate your complaint to Health Care Complaints Commission.

How Do I Make A Complaint?

If you want tips on how to complain about the service you have received checkout NUAA’s [How To Make A Complaint ] on the NUAA website.

I Just Want to Tell Someone about the Stigma and Discrimination I Experienced

If you feel your complaint won’t be taken seriously or you just feel staff at the service need an attitude adjustment you can call NUAA or AIVL. NUAA and AIVL are collecting information on drug users’ experience of stigma and discrimination, how drug users are discriminated against and who is discriminating against them, especially in health care settings. The information will be used in a larger campaign that will look at trying to change attitudes toward drug users.

You can share your experiences with NUAA by phone 83547300 or free call 1800 644 413 or completing our online Survey [ Reporting Stigma And Discrimination Towards People Who Use Drugs ] and you can also share your experience with our Peak Body AIVL through their online Survey On Discriminatory Actions

For More Information

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