DanceWize NSW

DanceWize NSW is a NUAA program that is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health to attend NSW music festivals to increase the safety of festival patrons. It uses credible and evidence-based information about safer partying and delivering a range of peer-delivered prevention and harm reduction services including crowd care services (e.g. water, sunscreen, information) through to hosting a dedicated care space to look after festival goers who are experiencing difficulty or simply need a time out.

DanceWize NSW works closely with festival promoters, emergency medical, police, and security service providers to support a coordinated, safety-focused approach. We have developed a steering committee to assist with communication and service development, which includes members of NSW Ambulance, NSW Health, Harm Reduction Victoria, NSW Police Drug Policy, Mothership Events, and Ranwood Solutions (specialist onsite festival emergency service provider) who advise our team on effective solutions, best practice and general encouragement and support in program delivery as we establish ourselves at events and festivals in the state of NSW.

Volunteer for DanceWize NSW!

The DanceWize NSW team numbers more than 150 NUAA staff members and volunteers. You can read about some of the key members of the team here.

NUAA is looking for people who are interested in joining our volunteer DanceWize NSW team providing harm reduction education and support at music festivals in NSW. DanceWize NSW volunteer’s role is to assist in running DanceWize NSW’s Care Space, to provide party goers with up-to-date harm reduction information, and to rove around the event assisting and directing party goers.

You can find out more information about what’s involved and fill out volunteering application form here.