Volunteer at Dancewize


DanceWize NSW is NUAA’s latest harm reduction outreach program. DanceWize NSW utilises peer education to reduce drug-and-alcohol-related harm at NSW dance parties and festivals. Our staff and volunteers attend events in order to: host a chill-out space; discuss safer drug use with peers and disseminate health resources.

Volunteering for DanceWize NSW

NUAA is looking for people who are interested in joining our volunteer DanceWize NSW team providing harm reduction education and support at music festivals in NSW. DanceWize NSW volunteer’s role is to assist in running DanceWize NSW’s Chill Space  and to provide party goers with up-to-date harm reduction information and to rove around the event assisting and directing party goers.

By joining our team, a volunteer commits to the following:

  • 5-8 hour induction training session
  • 8-hour First Aid training course (funded by us) or a 3 hour CPR Refresher
  • 6-8 hour shift at one-day festivals
  • Usually 16-18 hours of work at a multi-day festival like Dragon Dreaming/Subsonic etc.
  • Monthly meetings at our office to discuss project updates, event briefing and debriefing and training
  • A volunteer deposit of max $150 for a festival ticket – refunded after the festival

In return, DanceWize NSW commits to the following, on behalf of our team:

  • A complimentary festival ticket for the festivals you are working at
  • Provide all volunteers with training in First Aid, Sexual Assault Response, Overdose Response, Psycho-pharmacology and Relevant Legal Information
  • Time off to enjoy the festivals you are attending
  • A bonding weekend away in the bush to connect, learn and enjoy each other’s company outside festival life
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • A tight-knit team of colourful people, the DanceWize NSW family, are committed to harm reduction

If you would like to know more, please contact NUAA on (02) 8354 7300 or free call 1800 644 413 or email jessiem@nuaa.org.au or danb@nuaa.org.au 

Due to the large volume of applications that we have already received, we are not currently accepting new applications. Please stay tuned as we expect to open applications again later in the year.