Further information on My Health Record

NUAA has released a statement on My Health Record, a  new initiative by the federal government to create an online summary of your health data. A range of groups and experts have raised serious concerns about privacy and security of the data.

Everyone will get the chance to opt-out over a three month period from July 16 to October 15. At this stage, NUAA recommends if you have concerns, to opt outThere are three key ways to opt out:

  • By visiting www.myhealthrecord.gov.au and opting out using the online portal.
  • Over the phone by calling 1800 723 471.
  • Or on paper by completing a form and returning it by mail. Forms will be available in 2,385 rural and remote Australia Post outlets, through 146 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and in 136 prisons.

You can read the government’s web page on the initiative here. Below are a series of links providing further information and commentary on My Health Record and the issues surrounding. NUAA is highlighting them for information purposes, inclusion does not necessarily indicate agreement with the contents.

My Health Record Consumer Fact Sheet — Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

Medical Republic: The Truth about My Health Record — a critical summary

Your MHR questions answered on cybersecurity, police and privacy — by Tim Kelsey, the head of the Australian Digital Health Agency

ACON: Navigating My Health Record For Trans And Gender Diverse Communities

Star Observor: Summary of issues relating to LGTBI+ people; people living with HIV; people who use recreational drugs’ and or sex workers

Why So Many People Are Opting Out of My Health Record

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