Community Engagement

NUAA’s vision statement is “Advancing the rights, health and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly in NSW”. NUAA achieves this by engaging with our community and encouraging people to become members.  NUAA membership is open to anyone who supports our aims.

NUAA also engages the community through PeerLink training, which is NUAA’s core peer education program. PeerLink uses peer education and health promotion principles in a community development framework. Through PeerLink, NUAA is positioned to effect change in our community, seen by many as “hard to reach” or “hard to work with”.

NUAA understands the importance of involving the community in decisions and providing the community with opportunities to raise issues and concerns. NUAA holds regular community consultations throughout NSW to ensure our community’s concerns are heard and understood. NUAA feeds the information collected back to Local Health Districts, Ministry of Health and other services.

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