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Become a member of NUAA and join the fight to end stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs illicitly!

NUAA aims to advance the health, rights and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly; provide information, education and support for drug users; promote the development of legislation and policies to improve drug users’ social and economic well-being; improve the quality and standards of services available to drug users.

NUAA membership is confidential, as per our Constitution, and open to anyone interested in the issues affecting people who use drugs illicitly. As an incorporated association, NUAA maintains a confidential register of members. Membership is $10, but if you are facing financial hardship, please write the box in the form below and the Board can waive the fee.

To apply for membership, fill in the contact form below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 8354 3700 or free call 1800 644 413.

NUAA Membership form

NUAA Membership form

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Address (we need this send you User's News and information relating to your membership)
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