NUAA is an association registered under Fair Work. Our members make up our constituency, and we are governed by the NUAA Constitution (pdf), voted in at the 2015 Annual General Meeting


NUAA has a Board of Governance, which oversees the direction, management and finances of the organisation. The Board of Governance is elected at the NUAA Annual General Meeting and meets regularly to oversee the organisation

Any ordinary member of NUAA can be nominated to join the board. Interested but not a member yet? Read more about membership or join right away.  

Current members

Jude Byrne
Carolyn Stubley
Fiona Poeder
Nicholas Lintzeris
Dan Burns
Larry Pierce
Brian Doyle
Annie Bleeker
Jennifer Debenham
Rob Page
Richard Sulovsky
Dr Mary Harrod (CEO, ex officio)

Purpose of the board

Board members are “custodians” of NUAA on behalf of its members and stakeholders. The Board’s role is to focus on the vision, mission, values and strategic plan — in essence, what the organisation stands for, rather than what the organisation does. The Board makes sure the organisation stays focused on its purpose, meets its funding requirements and is protected by overseeing our financial and legal requirements.

What kind of committee members are we looking for?

We’re looking for peers who may currently use drugs or have used drugs in the past, and others who support NUAA’s aims and objectives. We want people who are passionate and willing to participate in governance or willing to learn.  Board of Governance Members have to abide by the NUAA Code of Conduct (pdf) and meet certain  criteria – get in touch with Lisa on 8354 7300 if you have questions.

Our current Board is made up of professionals, researchers and members of the community. NUAA members who have no experience with Boards or administration, but are keen to learn, are invited to become involved and gain new skills in becoming an effective Board member.

Level of commitment

You are elected to the Board of Governance for a period of one year, but may be re-elected as often as NUAA members continue to vote for you. The Board meets regularly for about two hours at the NUAA offices in Surry Hills. How much time you will need to spend outside of meeting time depends partly on the position you hold on the Board. Positions like Chair (and chairing the meetings), Secretary or Treasurer will be more time-consuming than being an ordinary member.

However, even ordinary members need to do a certain amount of reading, or may need to complete tasks outside of meetings. It is estimated that realistically, attending the Board meetings, plus any sub-committees and doing the necessary reading and preparation, takes about 4 hours per month.

How to get involved

Contact Lisa at NUAA on (02) 8354 7300 to talk about the Board, what skills you may have to offer or would like to learn, and what is involved. We can arrange for a Board member to give you a call back to talk about their experience.

Board elections

Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The current Board was elected at the 2018 AGM. You need to be a current ordinary member of NUAA and submit your application ahead of time to run for the Board. Positions on the Board are open to all current NUAA members.

Members are sent an AGM pack each year with nomination forms. You can put yourself forward, but you need a formal nominator and a seconder to become a candidate. You then attend the AGM and speak to your nomination. Members attending the AGM vote to approve the new Board members, with a ballot if the number of nominees exceeds the number of positions. The AGM takes place in October/November each year. Contact Lisa for more information on (02) 8354 7300 or contact us through our online form – click here.